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  • Hyundai models voted best value in three out of five popular classes in Which? Car Survey
  • i10, ix20 and ix35 take the honours in respective categories in reader survey
  • Models offer customers superior value for money thanks to low running costs and high specification

Hyundai models have taken top honours in three out of five popular classes (eight classes rated overall) ranking value-for-money in the annual Which? Car Survey. Delivering a product that is good value for money means much more than just purchase cost. The overall ownership package – quality, efficiency, servicing, specification and safety – all represent key criteria when looking at true value.

The Hyundai i10, ix20 and ix35 led the way in each of their respective categories, with owners awarding high marks for overall value when looking at aspects such as purchase price, standard equipment and running costs.

Tony Whitehorn, President and CEO, Hyundai Motor UK, said: “True value is at the core of all our products and the results from the Which? Car Survey reflects this. We are delighted that the readers, and our customers, hold the Hyundai brand in such high regard. With the current economic situation, people are looking for cars that are affordable to purchase and run, but which are also desirable both inside and out. Hyundai’s updated model range fulfils these requirements and demonstrates our commitment to providing customers with the best overall package of ownership.”

Richard Headland, Acting Editor, Which? magazine, said: “The Which? Car Survey is the UK’s biggest with more than 39,292 people responding about 47,716 cars they own. It gives owners a chance to provide their views on how reliable and satisfying their cars have been over the preceding 12 months across several key areas and it’s easy to see that Hyundai is the brand that stands out the most in terms of overall value for money.”

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