The award winning all electric family car which charges faster than a smartphone

The sleek, attractive coupé-style silhouette of the IONIQ is designed with aesthetics and efficiency in mind. Combining the best of traditional car design, with a forward-looking philosophy that hints at the future possibilities of low-emission cars, every element ensures a smooth and undisturbed flow of air over the car. The result is an aerodynamic profile with maximum efficiency and class-leading 0.24 coefficient of drag.

Wall Box

In order to optimise the performance of the IONIQ Electric we strongly recommend that owners have a dedicated charging solution at home. This can provide a 100% charge in 6 hours 5 minutes. In the UK, POD Point is Hyundai’s preferred partner for domestic charge points and they help customers securing £350 (including VAT) of government support towards their purchase and installation of their Smart Wallbox.t here ...

Public Charging Station

IONIQ Electric is compatible with most fixed public AC charging stations. Charging time is the same as the standard charging time – 6 hours 5 minutes.

Emergency Occasional

IONIQ Electric is delivered with an In-Cable Control Box (ICCB) Emergency 3 Pin Connector that can be used when travelling to places with no other dedicated charging solutions. Charging time is about 19 hours.

Rapid Charging Station (DC)

Using a DC power source is the fastest way to charge your IONIQ Electric. 80% Charging time is approximately 57 minutes on a 50 kW DC charger.*

* Charging times for the high voltage battery may vary as it is dependent on the condition of the high voltage battery, charger specifications and ambient temperature.

Electric Powertrain

IONIQ Electric combines the high power density
of a compact, lightweight, rechargeable
Lithium-Ion Polymer battery with a high-power
electric motor and high-efficiency reduction gear

Electric motor

The high-power electric motor develops 120 PS
and a maximum torque of 295 Nm.

Battery conditioning

The integrated heating system warms the
high-voltage battery to maximise both charging
performance and driving range in low-temperature conditions.

Lithium-Ion Polymer battery

The increased power density of the powerful battery delivers more
performance and greater driving range. The battery is located low in the
chassis for better handling characteristics.