What is a Plug-in Hybrid?

Available in early 2021, the new SANTA FE Plug-in Hybrid delivers combined 265 PS of combined power output and an all-electric mode at the push of a button. Once the all-electric range is depleted, the full-parallel hybrid drive system takes over, which means it can run on its petrol engine or electric motor or both. Perfect car for commuting, school run and family trips.

A plug-in Hybrid gives you choice and freedom. You’ll have the ability to complete your shorter journeys, like the daily school run, using its electric range, with zero emissions. And when you’re making a longer trip, or when the all electric mode is depleted, the hybrid system will automatically take over, giving you peace of mind.

In hybrid mode, the battery-powered electric motor works in tandem with its petrol engine to deliver improved fuel economy and lower emissions.

New hybrid powertrain for more efficiency and power

With its dynamic pairing of a turbocharged petrol direct injection and powerful battery-powered electric motor, the new SANTA FE Hybrid is taking fuel efficiency to the next level. All without you having to charge a battery or change your driving habits. The Hybrid switches seamlessly between the electric motor and conventional engine, sometimes utilising both at the same time.

The SANTA FE Hybrid’s 44.2 kW electric motor delivers high torque and efficiency while also providing impressive acceleration off the line.

The 1.49 kWh high-power battery has superior charge/discharge characteristics, maximising both electric driving and energy storage.

Dynamic, fully digital cluster

The premium interior updates are rounded off by a new, highly customisable 12.3” fully digital display cluster.

New 10.25" touch screen

Everything you need, right up on the big screen. The conveniently placed 10.25” touch widescreen offers brilliant clarity, easy usability and smartphone mirroring.

Button type shift-by-wire

Effortlessly switch between drive, neutral, park and reverse at the touch of a button, which is handily located on the floating centre console.

Easy third row access

Slide the second row seats out of the way at the touch of a button for easy access to the third row. It’s a little feature that helps a lot.

Image shown for illustrative purposes. The button on the UK specification is on the driver’s side of the car.​

Rear occupant alert

For your peace of mind, the new SANTA FE uses ultrasonic sensors to monitor the rear seats. If the system detects movement in any of the rear seats after the driver has left the vehicle, the horn will sound and the lights will flash.

Ventilated front seats

The front seats are available with a three-step ventilation system for a comfortable drive, whatever the weather. Standard on Ultimate trim.

Head-up display

Featuring class-leading luminance for easy visibility, the head-up display on the Ultimate trim helps you stay safe by projecting important information like speed, navigation commands and warnings directly onto the windscreen.

KRELL premium sound system

KRELL’s premium audio system comes standard on all trims and delivers an immersive surround sound experience for everyone on board with 10 high-end speakers and an external amplifier.

Wireless phone charging

Located in the centre console across all trims, a wireless charging pad lets you easily charge a compatible smartphone without the use of cables.

Drive and terrain mode selector

Fine tune the new SANTA FE Hybrid’s driving characteristics to suit the road conditions – or to suit your mood. Sport Mode will enhance the car’s performance with modified throttle response, shift points and steering effort. Eco Mode delivers enhanced fuel efficiency with modified acceleration, shift points and air conditioning performance, while Comfort Mode delivers regular performance with good efficiency.

Snow Mode

Selecting Snow Mode will give you more control and minimise wheel slip when driving in snowy conditions. It does so by adjusting engine torque, gear shift pattern, traction control and all-wheel drive torque distribution.

Sand Mode

Sand Mode helps you achieve a smooth take off and controlled performance in soft and high-resistant road conditions by adjusting engine torque, gear shift pattern, traction control and all-wheel drive torque distribution.

Mud Mode

In Mud Mode, engine torque, gear shift pattern, traction control and all-wheel drive torque distribution are adjusted to suit slippery, high-resistant road conditions.

Keeping you and yours safe

Experience true peace of mind with SANTA FE’s state of the art Hyundai SmartSense safety features and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – including Highway Drive Assist and Reverse Parking Rear Collision Avoidance Assist. There’s even a new Remote Smart Parking Assist that will park your car for you.

Highway Drive Assist (HDA)

SANTA FE Hybrid is now equipped Highway Driving Assist (HDA). This system uses Lane Following Assist, Smart Cruise Control, map data and built-in sensors to observe the road and the vehicles around you. It can even instigate corrective measures when needed, like reducing vehicle speed. And it’s all activated and deactivated with one click of the steering wheel mounted button.

Blind Spot View Monitor (BVM)

When indicating to turn, a crystal clear view of the right or left hand side of the SANTA FE will appear in the digital cluster. Meaning blind spots are a thing of the past.

Hyundai SmartSense

With Hyundai SmartSense – our cutting-edge Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – the SANTA FE delivers best-in-class safety packages and several industry leading features.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert with Brake Assist (RCTA)

This Hyundai-first is perfect for car parks and city driving. Radar sensors positioned on the rear corners scan a 180° area behind the vehicle. When reversing out of areas with low visibility, Ultimate trim will warn the driver if vehicles approach from the side. It may also apply the brakes automatically if an approaching vehicle is detected.

Lane Departure Warning System with Lane Keep Assist (LKAS)

This system acts like a co-pilot, helping the driver stay alert to their surroundings. Activated at speeds over 37 mph, Lane Keep Assist uses cameras to monitor road markings, ensuring that the car doesn’t deviate from its intended course. If the system detects that the car is unintentionally straying from its lane, it will issue an acoustic and visual warning. If the driver does not react, the system will then induce corrective steering to guide the vehicle back to a safe position.

Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Assist (BCA)

Available across all trims, this system constantly monitors the car’s blind spots using two sensors located in the rear bumper. If the indicator is activated when an object is detected in a blind spot, the system will issue an acoustic and visual alert. This system also includes brake assist – a feature which applies brake force to wheels on the opposite side of the vehicle to that which the obstacle is detected, helping steer away from a potential accident.

Smart Cruise Control - Adaptive Speed Control with Stop & Go Function (SCC)

Using front radar sensors, Smart Cruise Control with Stop & Go keeps a constant speed and distance from the vehicle ahead by automatically accelerating and braking. If traffic comes to a halt, the Stop & Go system applies the brake until the car comes to a standstill and accelerates to the desired speed as soon as the road is clear.